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My name is Brenda, I am the content creator for Heaps of Heaven. Finding a healthier, more confident version of myself has been a constant goal of mine. I hope to inspire you to do the same for yourself. My heart is filled with the desire to bring you wholesome recipes to your kitchen to share with our loved ones, to help you discover a sense of style to give you that extra boost of confidence, and to encourage you to grow and lean on your faith.

The daily life


I am a mom of five, married to my husband of fourteen years and reside in good ‘ol Minnesota. You betcha! I love coffee, everything pumpkin spice, the color orange, jammin’ to a good tune in the minivan, baking in the kitchen with my kids, cheering for my kids at their sporting events, cozying up on the couch with a soft blanket, and reading devotionals.

Spending time in the kitchen has been a forever favorite memory of mine since I was a child. Cooking and baking recipes in the kitchen with my mom. My dad coming home from the farm to enjoy a family dinner around the kitchen table. Trying every spice in the spice cabinet on a dare from my sister. Perhaps this is where my love for pumpkin spice began? So many conversations happened in the kitchen; after-all this is place where the family gathers. All of these memories, and so many more have sparked my love for spending time in the kitchen creating new wholesome recipes with my own family.

currently working on…

You are worthy. You are Loved.

One area I have struggled with throughout my entire life is body image. I’ve felt defeat. I’ve felt shame. I’ve battled. I’m slowly learning to give myself grace. I’m slowly learning to love my body. I’m slowly learning to meet myself with where I am at. I’m slowly learning my worth is not determined by the size of my shirt or the number on my jeans. If you too are struggling, I hope to give you encouragement to do the same. To encourage you to create a recipe to fuel your body. To encourage you to find a piece of clothing that will make you feel confident with where you are at right now. To encourage you to lift your struggles to Jesus. Together we can do this. You are worthy, you are loved.

Through the highs and the lows, one thing has remained constant. That constant is my faith in Jesus. Jesus has walked with me through some very difficult hardships. My faith has grown tremendously through it all; learning to trust in Him, lean on Him and lift it all up to Him. For that growth, I am grateful. Jesus is so, so good!

If you love getting creative in the kitchen, tracking down the latest trends that make you feel good and finding the JOY (Jesus, Others & You) in the journey, you are in the right place!

Thank you for stopping by, please stay awhile! Let’s become friends!

xoxo, Brenda